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We are a new generation Destination Management Company.

We are French but installed in Greece. We have worked many years for Tour Operators and Distributors, consulted them in marketing to reich the customers, been pionneers in flash sales... We have worked with many hotels in Greece, built a DMC in Greece, made good volume for many people and gave good deposits.

After many years of working with French and Greek markets, we realised that there was an asymetry of informations between hotelers, Tour operators and distributors. Hotelers were just looking at financing their off season, while distributors or tour operators were just asking for lower prices, putting the hotels everywhere at different prices, always on sale, and with no reflexion on marketing, from the hotel point of view.

It's very important, in the time of comments, reviews, scores, ... that hotel take a lot of care, about where they are, at what price, with what conditions, about how they are packaged, about the target of their distributors. Yes we can use flash sales, but it has to be smartly arranged, to really look like a rare opportunity for the final customers and not the regular price.

Hotels have to monitor globally their online presence, when a french customer is looking for the name of a hotel he saw online, what it's on sale in other countries comes up.

So the questions really are : How do you synchronise flash sales ? What prices are you pushing countries from countries? What description of you product you show to the world?

We'll be here to work on a sustainable and log term way with hotelers, DMCs, Tour operators, and OTAs, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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